FREE DELIVERY: At Shaw Road Pharmacy we offer free local delivery: if you can not come to us we will come to you! This enables less mobile, disabled and unwell customers to receive the same great service.

MEDICATION PACKAGING: Shaw Road Pharmacy also offers a medication packaging service.

Medico paks offer a safe and disposable compliance packing system. Medico is a tear off system, tear off one dose or one day’s medications and conveniently place in a pocket or purse to avoid missed doses. Our pharmacists, prepare these for many of our customers every week. Medico paks list all medication details on the back of the pack and each blister torn off lists the patients name, day and time and the contents on the blister, thus avoiding any confusion or mix-up.

HOME MEDICINES REVIEWS: Shaw Road pharmacy can also assist you with a Home Medicines Review. With a referral from your Doctor, a pharmacist will visit your home to conduct a thorough check of all the medicines you are taking. Professional advice is available anytime from our pharmacists.

BLOOD PRESSURE MONITORING: High blood pressure is the leading preventable risk factor for stroke. Know Your Numbers – We offer free blood pressure health checks in our pharmacy.  While getting your health check you will also receive health and lifestyle advice.  Free diabetes risk checks are also available.

PARCEL POINT COLLECTION: Shaw Road Pharmacy is also a Parcel Point Collection agency to assist you with delivering and receiving parcels eliminating the need to go to a Post Office.

NDSS: Our pharmacy is a member of the National Diabetes Services Scheme. We offer a broad range of products to assist you in managing your condition.